Do you remember when big hair was quite literally huge?

The Big Hair craze of the 1980s has to be one of that decade's most memorable trends. This is saying a lot, of course, since the 1980s brought us tight-rolled jeans, Garbage Pail kids and Slim Goodbody.

Things were just different back in the 1980s – there were two Germanys, Reagan was president, people drank Pabst Blue Ribbon in an utterly unironic way, and when it came to hair, bigger was always better.

There was Poison...

There was Bon Jovi...

There was Van Halen...

And they all had the same styling secret: Rave hairspray and a teasing comb.

The incomparable size of 80s big hair had everything to do with teasing. Musical tastes aside, it's hard not to be impress with what those rockers put themselves through everyday.

To get that distinctive look, start by spraying all of your hair with a thick dousing of Rave hairspray. Once your hair starts to dry, take a fine tooth-comb and run it backwards from tip to root. This motion creates tiny knots, which give your hair great volume and 80s rocker street cred.