A long time ago, in a style galaxy far, far away, a haircut known as the mohawk ruled the universe. Usually combat boots, safety pins, and Dead Kennedys t-shirts were its accessories de rigeur.

These days, the modern version of the mohawk -- the so-called fauxhawk -- has been making the rounds since 2003.

Sported by such luminaries as Radiohead's Thom Yorke and footballer/tabloid mainstay David Beckham, the fauxhawk is a softer, gentler mohawk. Whereas the mohawk necessitated that the sides of the head be shorn clean, the fauxhawk allows for hair -- short hair -- to grace the sides of the head.

With three years already under its belt, the fauxhawk seems to have some serious staying power. Will it thrive where the mohawk failed? Or does it have a few more hot minutes before it goes the way of the Caesar cut?