food network cookout fresh ideasSo much for an afternoon cookout with the mere simplicities -- hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. The Food Network and its celeb-chefs are bombarding the airwaves with twists on the run-of-the-mill backyard BBQ foods.

You certainly don't want to be the host who serves the way-more-than-well-done burgers with a side of heartburn. Be prepared to impress your guests with this list of easy-to-make treats that work great for tailgates, cookouts, or any other type of get-together.

Instead of chicken breasts (with that home-made marinade that you just know everyone loves), try these parmigiano and herb chicken breast tenders, courtesy of the beloved Rachael Ray.

If you want a by-the-sea theme, Iron Chef Bobby Flay's grilled lobster smothered in basil butter is bound to get your salivary glands back in gear.

Use these ideas and say goodbye to tradition and you're
bound to have your friends bragging about your culinary coolness.