Just when you think that all of the cobwebs are out of the closet, you find out that a Bulgarian mother of three was just crowned Super Model of the World.

Super Model of the World?

Yes, apparently, there is such a contest.

From what I can tell (details are murky), mother of three, Desislava Grubleva, 30, is also Miss United Nations 2007. This is the first time a Bulgarian has even entered the contest, which is slightly ironic because this is first time anyone has even heard of the Miss United Nations competition.

Incidentally, I'm just a little curious about the prizes that go along with being Miss United Nations. Do you get a date with Boutros Boutros-Ghali? Does it entitle you to a kiss from Secretary General Kofi Annan? Do you get a pale blue U.N. peace keeping force helmet instead of a crown?

God, I hope so.