Sunglasses can be a very easy way to add some style to your normal get-up, or even to hide those bags under your eyes. Luckily for us guys, the popular "bigger is better" trend that goes for women's sunglasses certainly does not apply to us.
has a few examples of what good-looking, stylish sunglasses look like. First, a couple pairs of modernized aviators -- a pair from Fossil and a pair from Fendi.

These aviators are A-okay, but beware -- trying to look like Maverick from Top Gun is NOT permitted. The original gold-framed, black-lensed sunglasses should never be worn (except for, maybe, a costume party where the Tom Cruise look is required).

If you're not into the aviator look, you can always throw-down with a classic pair of Oakleys. But you have to be careful here though, too. Oakley has gotten way experimental with its frame designs, and has come up with such disasters as the "Oil Drum" frame.