You probably thought gastric bypass operations were just for the well-heeled and the occasional Today Show weatherman.

It turns out, however, that the gastric bypass crowd is growing by the day, and it has even started to reach the athletic community. As Alison Aubrey reported on NPR last Thursday, College Football Hall-of -Famer Anthony Davis is the newest, widely-publicized gastric bypass (a.k.a. bariatic surgery) recipient.

In the 1970s, Davis was a famed running back for the University of Southern California Trojans. Over time, however, he neglected his health and ultimately reached a bodyweight that fluctuated between 265 and 300 pounds (his weight in his glory days was 190). Accompanying this weight gain were problems usually associated with obesity: sleep apnea, diabetes, gout.

So with his doctor's blessing, Davis underwent bariatic surgery, and over time his waist went from 48 inches to 34. Can Al Roker compete with that?