Yesterday, I went to go see Invincible. Now this movie will never replace my sports fashion favorite Bull Durham (oh how I loved Susan Sarandon's garter belts and scarves) but they did a decent job with the cringe-worthy 1970s fashion. There's something about Mark Wahlberg that fits well with the 1970s aesthetic. Not his body type certainly, his squat muscly shape is definitely more of an 1980s body, but his hair is perfect for the floppy freeform 1970s styles.

The fashion standout in the movie (aside from the hideous suits worn by Michael Nouri as Leonard Tose) has to be the shirt shown here. The wide collar, the strange print and the polyester sheen that makes it look as if it might be made of that only-in-the-1970s fabric Qiana all denote it as something that would have been on sale at Sears in 1976. Not exactly a fashion moment I am itching to revisit but it's nice to see a movie that looks like the era it is about. The only off note is the make-up on the main character's love interest, it's a bit too dewy and flawless.