I was tired of Starbucks and other chain coffees -- tired of the taste and the price. So, I searched. I drank. I burned my tongue. I caffeinated. I cringed at some of the bitter blends of coffee that many shops in Athens serve up. I thought I would never find a decent way to satisfy my love for the coffee bean (and caffeine).

But then my girlfriend informed me of Dancing Goats, a blend of coffee from Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, that she had tried at a local pub & coffeehouse. I was a little skeptical at first. I was accustomed to names like "Breakfast Blend" or "Arabian Mocha," nothing that sounded anything close to this.

I gave it a try and was thoroughly impressed. According to the website, Dancing Goats was named in reference to a legend that claims an Ethiopian shepherd's goats started "dancing" after eating a bush of red berries.

The coffee is dark, smooth, and full of flavor. And you can't get much cooler than the name. You'll sound like a coffee aficionado when you tell your friends.

The company also sells quite a few different blends, one of which is sure to suit your caffeine addiction. Buy Dancing Goats for your home or suggest it to your local barista.

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