What matters more: Is it form or is it function? Well, when it comes to bras, it's difficult to say for certain which principle you should prioritize. If you choose form, you might be sacrificing support. If you choose function, you're definitely going to sacrifice style. But doesn't this arrangement seem a little unfair? After all, aren't we, as the bra-wearing public, entitled to something supportive, but also sexy?

While most bras regard the form/function question as an either/or proposition, a few lingerie designers have managed to successfully walk the line between supportive and sexy. And that's why they've made it onto Styledash.com's list of the 10 best bras ever.

1. Fayreform 'Candid' Underwire Bra
For those of us who like full-cup coverage but don't want to sacrifice the allure of a very sexy bra, the Candid Underwire Bra fits the bill. The wide straps promise a full day free from the tug-of-war against your lingerie, and with sizes that go all the way up to 38G, this is a bra for everyone. Plus, paisley lace + pretty ribbon = true love.

2. La Perla Allure Padded Push Up Bra
At $213, this bra is definitely not your every piece of lingerie. But the Georgette fabric and the double stranded straps make it worth every penny. I mean, if this bra can make a mannequin look sexy, imagine the real-life possibilities...

3. Wacoal Petite Lace Contour Bra
Finding a good T-shirt bra is like searching for the Holy Grail. But, you can come close with Wacoal's Petite Lace Contour Bra. While it may not be the sexiest bra on this list, it does offer full coverage with a little bit of somethin'-somethin' to make it worth your while. By the way, my well-endowed friends swear by Wacoal.

4. La Mystere Gigi Push-Up Bra
With a name like "Gigi", this bra naturally has a vampy burlesque feeling to it. It looks hot, it sounds hot. As someone who has recently become a La Mystere believer, this bra looks smashing under everything, from the tightest t-shirt to the most form-fitting dress.

5. Chantelle Chantilly Demi-Bra
As the song goes, "Chantilly lace and a pretty face,/ And a ponytail hanging down,/ That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk,/ Makes the world go round." But enough of that trip down the Oldies' station memory. This bra by Chantelle combines the ever-appealing juxtaposition of white lace and demi-cups, which comes off as hot, hot, hot! And with the thick straps and high Lycra content, this bra is sure to be as comfortable as it is sexy.

6. On Gossamer 'Bump It Up' Bra
As the name suggests, this push-up bra is built to add a cup size to your shape without all sorts of seams or uneven padding. The graduated pads in this bra give you great cleavage without looking like you are trying too hard. This bra comes in red and in black -- colors which beg to be seen.

7. Natori Foundations Cotton Blend Underwire Sports Bra

So, it's not made of lace and it probably won't work out so well for that spontaneous strip tease you had planned for later that night, but a good exercise bra is worth its weight in gold. The underwire cups divide and separate, preventing that horrible uniboob that most of us suffer from during a workout. Bounce-free and comfortable -- what could be better?

8. Cosabella Ceylon Push-Up Bra
I'm not sure why this bra is called the Ceylon, but then again, what's in a name anyway? I love the low dip of this shelf-like lace bra. The spaghetti straps and the interesting fabric pattern make this push-up bra totally unique. And isn't the chocolate color fantastic?

9. Hanky Panky Bralette
When the weekend rolls around, the last thing on your mind is underwire and push-up. But that doesn't mean that you are willing to sacrifice good shape just to be comfortable while you lounge around on the couch all weekend long. With this wire-free bralette, you can be sure that you'll look great in this light, (but lacy!) supportive lingerie.

10. Fantasie 'Rimini' Underwire Bra

I absolutely love the Swiss Embroidery on this bra. The three-part cup of this full-coverage bra offers the dynamic stretch and support that women with more than just A-cups need. With strong straps, this bra comes in a wide range of sizes for sexy women with all kinds of body types.

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