Maybe I have a secret crush on Picasso or maybe I've just seen too many French films over the years. Either way, I can't deny that I have a major soft spot for men in striped shirts. No, I'm not talking about a striped oxford or some kind of frat-boy polo. I'm talking about a multi-colored long-sleeved shirt with a high geek-factor level. (Hey, I'm just being honest...)

This fall, Etro has a very hunky crewneck sweater in their men's casual line. I think what stands apart about this sweater is the unusual combination of colors, which include eggplant, pink, orange, green, and creme. Ordinarily, if you mixed these contrasting shades, the result would be a total eyesore. And yet there's just something about Etro's modern arrangement and smart muting that makes this sweater work perfectly.

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