spanx power shapersThere is absolutely no way that the semi-glamorous B-list celeb you happened to spy at the table next to you at lunch today looks that put-together naturally. Sure, she's probably blessed with a speedy metabolism, and maybe her grandmother really does have a porcelain complexion, but when it comes to what she puts on, she's got help. Let's just call them "fashion fake-outs," little hidden secrets that help make you look fabulous.

- No one, and I mean no one still wears pantyhose, do they? I hope not. However, the one good thing about those ridiculous things was the control top. Since we're free to go bare legged, the best thing we can do to help tuck our tummy in without the help of Dr. 90210 is a girdle. Don't be afraid of the word. I know it sounds like some horrible thing that your grandmother used to wear in the '50s, but these days, we can call them "shapers." Spanx is an entire line of underthings that help "shape" us where we might have a little too much shape.

double-sided tapeStay put
- One of the sexiest things on a woman (IMHO) is the collarbone, and nothing shows that off better than tops with a deep, wide neckline. You can always protect yourself from embarassing exposure by wearing a camisole or a fitted tank top under the top, but if you choose not to layer, double-sided tape will help keep the front of your top in place, and will be especially helpful when wearing cocktail dresses during all those Holiday parties coming up. Just be sure that it's as thin as Scotch tape, not those thick, foam tapes!

No high-beams, please
- I think dancers call them "pasties," but when you're wearing them under your clothes, they're called "breast petals." If you're going bra-less, particularly in those tops and dresses with plunging necklines, breast petals will keep you as the center of attention, instead of your, ahem, chest.

dr. scholl's gel insolesIf the shoe fits - it might be too tight. Go a half size bigger, and make them fit with super cushion-y insoles to add comfort, particularly if you're putting the bulk of your weight on the balls of your feet in those totally hot 4" heels. The commercial are ridiculous, but when they ask you if you're gellin', you definitely want to say yes.