The StyleDash 30-day handbag giveaway continues! Every weekday, we are giving away a designer handbag to a lucky reader. The emphasis is on "lucky," because we're not asking you to do anything difficult, like wear gold boots. You just need to drop a comment onto the contest page. We'll select the winner randomly. I'll get to the rules in a minute. First, today's prize:

For our 15th giveaway, we are returning to the Coach Hamptons book tote. If it's hip to be square, this bag is hip. Click the pic for info about its functional features. The bag is made of pebbled leather. When my wife caught me scrutinizing the picture as if it depicted an artifact from an ancient culture, she made a sound of exasperation. "It's a beauty!" she declaimed. I trust her.

The bag could be yours, if you follow these rules:

1) Leave a comment on this post. Doesn't matter what you say. No special consideration is given to those who enter their favorite jokes, but we sure would like some laughs.

2) No duplicates! No duplicates! (Oops.) Seriously -- we have software that pulls out dupes and flings them against the wall.

3) If you win, don't come back for seconds. Winners should enjoy the remaining contest on the sidelines, rooting for their favorites.

4) Prizes will be shipped 30-45 days after the 30-day contest ends. Patience is a virtue.

Today's contest will stay open until noon Wednesday (10/4), when the next giveaway will be posted. Congratulations to Agatha, who won the Cole Haan villasge satchel in Day 14!

Good luck, and thanks for being part of StyleDash!