Many of you may remember the blond-tressed duo of Chip and Pepper from the Style Channel's "The Look For Less." Well, in addition to their careers as television stylists with endless reserves of hair pomade and positive thinking, Chip and Pepper also have their own very successful line of premium denim. The twins' best-selling product is a jean called "The Stella", which has a very unusual -- even smart, if you will -- variation on the ever-trendy low-rider. What separates the Stella from other low-rise denim is the asymmetrical cut. In the front, the jeans have a 7 1/2 inch inseam, while in the rear, the jeans are cut to 11 1/2 inches. And oh, what a difference those extra four inches can make when you are a little bit modest about flashing your derriere. Offering a that extra bit of coverage without submitting to full-fledged mom jean status, I guess it isn't any wonder why the Stella's sell so well.