When you get to be a woman of a certain age, finding stylish clothes that are tasteful and flattering can be a considerable challenge. Sure, trendy clothes are great if you are 25, but if you're 45, that's another story entirely. But that's not to say that you can't find tasteful, up-to-date clothes geared towards the over 40 set. My favorite line of "boomer" apparel has to be Eileen Fisher. More than any other designer I can think of, Eileen Fisher seems to have mastered the art of creating clothes that look mature, but not matronly.

Take her sleeveless dress in wool crepe jersey, a look which comes in black and in brown. The scoop neck and the slight A-line flair in the skirt are great ways to flatter a REAL woman's body. And while the clothes at Eileen Fisher aren't exactly cheap, the styles are classic and timeless. Ten years from now, they'll still look great -- and so will you.