Despite Hillary Clinton's significant lead in the New York Senate Race, her opponent John Spencer has launched a last minute campaign blitzkrieg. Among Spencer's tactics was making one particularly biting remark about Clinton's looks. Spencer suggested that Clinton had transformed herself from an ugly duckling to a presentable 59-year-old with the help of "millions of dollars" of "work."


Sure, it's campaign season and this has been a particularly ugly election cycle. But still, am I the only one who thinks it's a little unfair for a candidate to accuse his or her opponent of being ugly? Moreover, in an era of Botox counters and lunch hour face-lifts, is it really such a shameful thing for our politicians to want to have the same medical fountain of youth that the rest of us enjoy? I'm not promoting plastic surgery by any means, but I do think there's an unfair double standard at play. Besides, since when does being ugly make unqualified for public office? Need I mention Abraham Lincoln?