With a paper clip, a piece of bubble gum, and his trusty Swiss Army knife, MacGyver saved the world 139 times over. (Yes, there were really 139 episodes of MacGyver). In doing so, Richard Dean Anderson -- his true-life name, which isn't nearly as cool -- sported a mullet.

This wasn't just any mullet -- it's now known as the "MacGyver mullet." It, frighteningly enough, resembles the mullet of Joe Dirt, an unsuccessful film from a few years ago that blatantly mocked the hairstyle. MacGyver's head of hair was dirty blond, uncombed, and uncut. He truly embodied the "business in the front, party in the back" motto of the mullet culture.

It seems like we've been talking a lot lately about mullets here on StyleDash, but hey, it's a cultural phenomenon we'd prefer to never show up again. Anne mentioned that Jennifer Aniston, Don Johnson, and Madonna all inspired people worldwide to copy their styles, so that leads me to wonder: Was anyone ever inspired to grow a "MacGyver mullet?"