Last Wednesday, a pair of boots signed by the queen of pop and cone bras sold on eBay for an impressive $7,485. Madonna's boots were originally created as part of a fundraiser organized by the boot company Dr. Martens for World AIDS Day back in 1998. The shoes were then resold on eBay to kick off Britain's National Giving Week, which was led by the National Charities Foundation.

[Informative and big-hearted: stop. Catty and snarky: start.]

Now, I realize that the money from this auction goes to a good cause, and as such, any desire I have to complain about the name of this fundraiser firmly qualifies me as bona fide crank, but come on -- "National Giving Week"?!? I hate to be one to bring this up, but who wants to give money to "National Giving Week" and get a pair of lame shoes you can't wear, when you could give your money to Bono's (Product) red and get an iPod?