I'm beginning to think I should buy stock in Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Being a natural blonde has some perks, but they don't include lush, dark lashes; and, unless the no-eyelashes look becomes all the rage, I am going to have to keep buying mascara.

Or am I? More and more women are turning to permanent makeup for the look, convenience, and ease the procedure supposedly provides. I'll admit, the thought of a) having tattoo needles on my face, and b) wearing the same makeup style for the rest of my life has always made me grimace. But upon further investigation, permanent makeup might not be all bad.

Many women have extremely sensitive skin, and are not able to wear much, if any, makeup on a regular basis. Other women suffer from shaky hands or nearsightedness, and are unable to apply makeup satisfactorily. Still others (like myself) have very blonde eyelashes and/or eyebrows and might benefit from a permanent dye-job.

There are risks, including sterility concerns and potentially dangerous color additives. But all in all, the procedure seems to be gaining speed.

What do you think? Would permanent makeup improve your beauty routine?