In a New York Post article from earlier this week, Danica Lo made a surprising observation: Uggs are still hugely popular. Bloomingdale's, for instance, is completely sold out. They aren't even taking orders since they don't know when the fuzzy Australian boots will be back in stock. To add to that, online retailer isn't even shipping until February 19, 2007.

For the most part, fashion-phenomenons have a shelf life of around 18 months. Take Sarah Jessica Parker's trendy flower pin of 2000 -- totally dissolved once Season Four of Sex and the City aired.

So this leads me to wonder why this trend hasn't died yet. Ugg boots have been around since 2003. Three years of near ubiquity makes it seem like the big, bulky, woolly boots have gone from mere flash-in-the-pan status to that of a classic, like the Burberry trench coat or the Chanel suit.

What do you think? Have Uggs crossed over?