clarisonic skincare brush Let's be real here, kittens. We all make the exact same resolutions every year - meaning my resolutions are probably the same as your resolutions, and both of our resolutions are the same as they were last year. The difference, however, is in the way we approach them. The people who will give up by January 31st are the people who set totally unrealistic goals, like "Lose 25 pounds by Valentine's Day," or who make resolutions that are so broad and general that they end up being useless like "Get fit."

The thing to do then, is to make your resolutions more tactical, or at the very least, include a line about something that you can actually do. For example, one of my resolutions this year is "Get my skin to the point I can be comfortable going out to dinner with no makeup (except lipgloss, because there is no way I am going without my gloss)." However, the better resolution became, use my new Clarisonic cleansing brush that I got for Christmas every day." The Clarisonic brush was a gift from my sister after she heard me complain about the sad state of affairs on my face, and hopefully, this luxury tool (it retails for close to $200) that uses rotating "sonic" bristles that promise to help de-flake skin, minimize pores, and all around make skin glow.

I'll let you all know if it was worth my sister's $200!