In the NY Post's Page Six Column, Richard Johnson revealed that pop diva Whitney Houston plans to auction off her collection of stage costumes, including numerous pieces of lingerie. The auction will take place in Irvington, N.J. next week.

Among the gems up for grabs will be 13 Dolce & Gabbana monogrammed bustier bras, six pairs of black stretch pants (BARF!) and an array of sequined evening dresses. Between Houston's fans and the growing pool of Whitney impersonators, the auction will likely create a bidding frenzy.

Houston hopes the auction will yield hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would be a much-needed contribution to her war-chest following last year's near loss of her $6 million home due to unpaid back taxes.

The thought of Whitney Houston auctioning off her undies surely makes me giggle, but I must also ask myself ... Would I ever really want to own one of Whitney's used brassieres?

To put it in Whitney's own words: HELL TO THE NO!