Heidi Klum - Energy Muse NecklaceIt appears that some in Hollywood believe the answer to that question is "Yes!" -- especially in light of a recent surge in the popularity of gemstone necklaces among celebrity parents. Both mothers and mothers-to-be -- including Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, and Tori Spelling -- are devotees of Energy Muse necklaces, which claim to harness powers of protection and health for those who wear them.

According to Energy Muse, their gemstone jewelry can help parents "stay grounded," and give them much-needed energy, while bolstering their overall well-being. The Celebrity Gallery on their website pairs stars with their stones, revealing Heidi Klum's affection for the quartz, garnet, and hematite-laden First Chakra necklace (which claims to make the wearer "safe, grounded and confident"), and Britney's for the freshwater pearl and citrine High Priestess model (whose benefits allegedly include enhancing personal power and self-esteem). Now if only they could create some sort of gemstone-based amulet that would enhance a certain someone's memory regarding the application of underwear...

Energy Muse necklaces are available through their online store, and are priced anywhere from $50 to over $600, depending on the stones used.