Like everyone woman worth her salt, I love a nice bathroom. Usually what distinguishes the good from the bad in the bathroom sphere is a combination of space and swanky bathroom equipment (er, appliances, furniture, fixtures...whatever they are called).

Now bathroom designers are starting to up the ante for toilets just as they once did for sinks and bathtubs. Toto's Neorest toilet, which ranges in price from about $3,200 to $5,980, is a tankless, one-piece toilet that automatically opens when you approach it, and automatically flushes and closes the lid when you leave.

But the real novelty of the Neorest toilet is that it doesn't require toilet paper! At the touch of a button, a small, hidden wand extends from the back of the rim and sprays heated water upward on your tush. Following the bidet-like wash-down, an air dryer turns on, followed by an automatic air purifier to leave you clean and dry.

Now that's one posh pottie, no?