When it comes to luxury items, you have to watch out for fakes. But for rapper Jay-Z, the opposite is true. According to the Humane Society of the United States, Jay-Z's Rocawear faux-fur jacket is actually made from real raccoon dog fur! (Yes, you read that correctly -- something thought to be fake is actually real...)

Using mass spectrometry techniques, the Humane Society determined that the fur in Jay-Z's Rocawear jackets came from a canine species native to Asia that resembles a raccoon. This so-called raccoon dog is often skinned alive for its pelt.

Jay-Z was informed of the fur situation last week, and as of today, the jacket is no longer available on the Rocawear website. A Rocawear representative released a statement suggesting that the company had no idea that fur was from raccoon dogs, and that would be taking immediate steps to pull the coat and to prevent the future use of raccoon dog fur.

And all of that sounds great, but it makes me wonder whether or not Rocawear has any plans to get in touch with their online customers about the jacket situation. If I had purchased a coat thinking it was fake, I would want to know, and I'd also want my money back...