bill belichickA week from today, I will be offline for the better part of the day because I will be pounding Corona Lights and screaming at the television. It's Super Bowl Sunday, y'all.

Since I have been in the midst of planning for the big game, I have everything football on my brain, and I couldn't help but bring up a major StyleFoul that I had to witness last Sunday -- New England Patriots' head coach, Bill Belichick's game "uniform." Coach Belichick wears the same charcoal grey Patriots' hooded sweatshirt every game, which would be fine (I know all about superstition), except that he has cut off the sleeves at the ¾-length.

Alright, so perhaps the homemade ¾-length sleeve isn't quite a StyleFoul. In fact, it could be quite functional and fetching. It's Belichick's whole outfit, since his team lost to my beloved Peyton and won't be playing in the Super Bowl!