Here's the truth: Men look sexy in knitwear. Whether it's a paper-thin cashmere sweater or a textured wool pullover, there is something about seeing the masculine form swathed in cozy yarn that is irresistible. I even like the male turtleneck, although my husband insists there is nothing worse. It comes as no surprise, then, that I was thrilled to see scarves playing a central role in couture menswear collections for winter 2008.

The new way to wear your scarf (men, listen up -- you'll be ahead of the game!) is to "fling" it around your neck and shoulders haphazardly, rather than knotting or tying the scarf, as has been popular in the past. Knowing men, I would venture a guess that the fling has been popularized more out of function than fashion, but you never know. At any rate, scarves are being shown with everything, from the classic blazer/trousers combo to full three-piece suits. Always dangling loosely around the shoulders, the scarf looks like it will be making a play as the men's accessory for 2008.

So what do you think, men? Will you be stocking up on scarves for next winter, or is Belichick outerwear more your style?