Just when you thought men had worn every woman's garment possible, now comes news that a Parisian corset maker has been selling corsets to fashion-conscious French guys.

"Frustrated by the lack of choice clothing for men," Sylvain Nuffer made a corset for himself. Now, four years later, he's generated enough interest in the garments to make and sell 30 a year at 500 to 600 euros ($650 to $775).

And the reaction? Critics initially panned Nuffer's corsets, fearing that they'd by uncomfortable. In spite of this, it seems people actually like wearing them -- like Lauren Renaud, a fashion school instructor who uses his "as daywear, or to go out at night. The problem is that you get so used to keeping you straight that it gets difficult to go without."

Dudes, talk to me. Would you wear one?