Earlier this week, Jonathon clued us into a stand-off between Pamela Anderson and designer Julian MacDonald. As J.M. mentioned, Pam rather publicly refused to attend MacDonald's show during London Fashion Week because he had used real fur in his fall/winter 2007 collection.

Well, MacDonald didn't take too kindly to Pammie's high-profile snub. He fired back by saying, "People who don't like fur can piss off. I love fur. It's a beautiful, natural product from animals." (Vulgarians make such compelling arguements, don't they?") MacDonald also enlisted fur lover and public enemy #1, Naomi Campbell to open and close his fashion show.

For some reason, this showdown reminds me of that old Groucho Marx joke (originally from Freud as Annie Hall tells us), which goes something like, "I wouldn't want to be part of a club that had someone like Naomi Campbell for a member."