I'm sorry to report that this picture was not manipulated with Photoshop. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Britney Spears shaved her head.

I'll be honest: I actually thought about doing the same thing a few years ago. However, after briefly examining the shape of my skull with my fingers, I realized that I have a lumpy head and quickly decided to keep all of my hair. I doubt Britney even took that into consideration. She was probably mumbling to herself the whole time, "Demi, Demi. GI Jane. Natalie, Natalie. V for Vendetta." In a sense, I suppose her reasons for this drastic change are understandable... She said that she was sick of people always touching her. After this, she went to a tattoo parlor and had a bunch of people touch her as she got a few designs done on her wrists and hip.

Britney is probably going through a really tough time right now. She has yet to make a sexy post-divorce comeback and, only a few days ago, she checked in and out of rehab. You know what might make her feel better? Going home and taking care of her kids. Yeah. Those things.