underwearI, along with others, I'm sure, often marvel at the lingerie industry. This is an industry that took a very basic staple article of clothing and turned it into a fashion piece for women. What's even more amazing is that the smaller the garment, i.e. the less raw materials, the more expensive it is. People, we are talking about underwear here.

However, it has always been women's underwear, and men are getting wise to the formula for success. What was once a decision between boxers and briefs for men has blossomed into full fashion. Not only have styles expanded into boxer briefs and even things that deserved a snicker, like bikinis and thongs, but the choice of colors, patterns, and fabrics has grown.

Men, like women, want to feel sexy in their underwear. While some men want to keep Victoria's Secret out of their boxers drawers, I say, "Bravo!"