Kate Moss might have 17 advertising campaigns, but Kate Middleton has Prince William's heart. But that's not her only trump card -- Kate Middleton also was recently declared more beautiful than supermodel Kate Moss. In a poll conducted by Fox, in which 1000 British women were asked who was the greatest natural beauty today, Middleton came out on top. Other lovelies in the top five natural beauties included Charlotte Church, Claudia Schiffer, Catherine Zeta-Jones and finally Kate Moss.

Francesca Davies, a spokeswoman for Fox, said that she hoped the poll would encourage women to feel beautiful naturally, without the help of cosmetic surgery.

Polls such as this one may not change the cultural perception of beautiful fakes like Pamela Anderson or Jessica Simpson, but hopefully Kate Middleton's example will make it easier for women to think they are beautiful just as they are.