It wasn't horrible, but still, Gwyneth Paltrow's look at the Oscar's was not one of her better showings. Oh, okay, it was pretty horrible. I know that straight sleek hair was the trend on top, but it only really looks good if your lovely locks are sweeping bare shoulders, not that oddly stretched sheer salmon t-shirt top she was wearing.

I can't be sure if the color is right for Gwyneth. She's just a little too fair to wear anything in that range of peach to orange, but if it was the color that caught her eye, then I suggest she go with something that's a little darker, and more toward a pink hue rather than orange, like the center dress by Versace.

However, I am quite certain that Gwyneth is attached to her favorite designer Zac Posen, and would rather wear a different color from the same designer. In that case, i highly recommend the royal purple gown from the same collection. The dark-yet-bright color will look great against Gwyneth's fair skin, and the neckline is about, oh, I don't know, 100 times more flattering than the one she had.

And the fire engine red lips will go better with a purple dress.