rachel pally split back mini dressSaturday? Oh, honey, we are going out tonight! And we're not going just anywhere -- we're going there. Yes, there. That means you can't rely on a reliable standard outfit. You can't go with just any ol' outfit. You need to put on your A-game, and nothing says "Champion" than the Split Back Mini Dress by Rachel Pally.

The Split Back Mini Dress is made of a super soft black jersey that is 92% modal cotton and 8% Spandex to give you that fitted stretch. There's pleating at the back, and the sexiest feature of this dress that makes oh-so-Saturday-night is the split back. The dress is sleeveless and falls 32" so don't wear this baby out if you're feeling shy. My choice of acessories? What else? Sky high patent leather black stiletto heels and a teeny tiny black patent clutch. All gold-metal jewelry, naturally.

Rachel Pally's Black Split Back Mini Dress is available from Pink Mascara for $190.