spring looks
I am wild about Spring, girls. Wild, I tell you. For some reason, while other seasons have had one, two, maybe three very prominent trends, this Spring 2007 is all about...everything. It's as if every trend from the last few years has converged into right now. Patent leather. Metallics. Wide belts. Shorts. Big and bold. Soft and sweet. You name it, it's probably fashionable for spring. All except, thankfully, the skinny jean.

Nautical or Nice - They had to do something so we could wear anchors around our necks, right? Nautical is all about brunching at the Yacht Club in dark navy, crisp white, bright red, and gold accessories. Strangely, I have always associated the nautical look with Spring and Summer, regardless of trendiness.

Light Bright - If your closet is full of neutrals, black and white because they're "safe," you're going to have to take a risk this Spring with bold, bright colors. Every shade of the Roy G. Biv is on the palette for Spring, but make sure that it screams whatever color it is, like the red ("RED!!!") Evonne Baby Jersey Tunic from Velvet by Graham and Spencer. At Bloomgindale's, it's $106.

Eyelet - I have no idea how eyelet came into the mix. I remember eyelet as trim on my Laura Ashley dresses and jumpers in elementary school and I seem to recall it being a part of bedding in one of the rooms of my childhood house. Nonetheless, it has come back, and it is big, in everything from dresses to shoes. Eyelet in shoes! I woudn't necessariyl waste money on eyelet, though because I can't really see this lasting beyond Summer 2007, so go with something you won't feel bad about giving away to Goodwill in September. Old Navy's Eyelet Babydoll Dress is only $29.50. Of course, if you're flsh with cash, Robert Rodriguez also has an Eyelet Babydoll with little puff sleeves. It's almost $500.

Everybody Polka! Dots - Whether it's tiny white on black, or giant black on white, or any combination of colors in between, polka dots are popping up on everything. (Okay, so giant black polka dots on white might make you looklike a Dalmation, so be wise in your choices). I am not all that fond of polka dots, which might explain why I don't love eyelet, either, but if I have to do the spotted thing, Zac Posen's fog colored Wave Silk Organza Blouse is subtle and sexy. $800 at Nordstrom.

Hem and Haw - Whatever "look" you choose -- nautical, bright colors, polka dots, or eyelet -- if you're wearing a dress, you're basically wearing a long top. Hemlines are shorter than I have ever seen them, with some styles, like Rachel Pally's Twist Tank Minidress, barely grazing the top of the thigh (Shopbop, $187). I thought I was getting a little racy by wearing my BCBG tunic as a dress, but I guess I was fitting right in!

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