I can't say that I've ever been particularly fond of actress Cameron Diaz. Lovely as she is, she can't really act, and to me, that's a major strike against someone.

However, over the past 24 hours, Cameron has started to grow on me.

First off. Yesterday at the grocery store, I happened to pick up a copy of US Weekly when I was waiting in the check out aisle. Anyhoo, the cover story included a VERY funny photograph of a VERY stoned Cameron Diaz smoking pot on the beach.

To add to that, this morning I happened to catch a news story on Diaz in which the actress described her rather unconventional post-Justin dressing habits. Cameron told Femalefirst, "I have a new philosophy. I always wear whatever I'm wearing, the same outfit, for four days, and then I never wear it again."

Four days in a row, eh? Well, I guess that explains the public pot smoking -- if ever there were a smell to cover up the odor of four-day-dirty clothes it would have to be marijuana.*

*Don't do drugs, kids!