Stores like Zappos, and have set the gold standard for what I expect when I'm buying online. It's called free overnight shipping and lately I feel like can't live without it. In fact, I'm so infatuated with this amenity that I've actually stopped buying from shops that don't send me my goods gratis.

The odd thing is that this is the opposite of the way I shop when I do it in person. In my day to day life, I'm more than happy to spend a little extra money at stores that are locally-owned and operated. However, when it comes to the online equivalent of these mom and pop shops, i.e. retailers that do not have nearly the volume to justify free shipping, I'm incredibly annoyed by the fact that I have to cough up more money to get the stuff I've already paid for.

This makes me a hypocrite, I know. But does anybody else out there suffer from this same contradiction?