Good news for those looking for a little more coverage on the beach, The Daily Telegraph says that big-bottomed bikinis are in. Clare Coulson reports that when the larger bottomed bikinis made their appearance on runways a few years back they didn't catch on with fashion editors who thought they were a bit too close to the infamous granny panties seen in the Bridget Jones movies. But now that Miucca Prada showed high-waisted bikini bottoms on the runway the retro-styled suits might truly get their day in the sun. The flesh-covering suits are selling like mad over in England. The suit shown here, the Haiti Bikini from Sage Sarong sells for £69 and is just one of several high-waisted options. But where are they in the U.S.? I've seen plenty of tankinis and boy short bikinis but the ultra-high waisted bikinis don't seem to be making a big impact here yet. Has anyone seen these in stores yet?