Becca Peters used to like Old Navy, apparently. So much so, that when she learned from a friend that they were removing the Women's Plus (plus size) section from their stores, she wrote them an email asking why. Their response? The company more or less told her to deal with it, and buy her plus size clothes online.

Becca writes: "it's not fair for us to be pushed aside to the Internet for our shopping needs. We have just as much a right to shop as the skinny girls do."

And an Old Navy spokesperson responds with an email that essentially says "tough luck," and adds: "We will, however, continue to carry Women's sizes 1-20 in our stores."

Oh, so if she'll just lose a little weight, it'll be no problem!

I'm not a plus-sized woman, so I have no idea how difficult it is (or isn't) for bigger women to find stylish clothes that doesn't cost a fortune. However, if it's anywhere near as difficult as Becca makes it sound, I imagine they're about to lose quite a few customers.