E! Online is a website I always forget to check out, but when I do I realize why I don't.

The site's fashion tab is fully equipped with a fashion police section (standard stuff there) and a "trend spy "section. Trend Spy is supposed to have the pulse on the h-o-t fashions that all of the h-o-t celebrities are wearing. Why on earth was Fergie our fashion icon of the week?

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas does make some catchy tunes, but fashionista she is not. E! Online has highlighted the suspender trend she has allegedly started (and as far as I am concerned she can go on and finish it too). If you want to mimic the look just head to L.A. boutique Shop Intuition and grab a pair. They will set you back $18 which doesn't seem like much; but the humiliation you face will be priceless. If you think you are capable and cool enough to pull off the look (some are) make sure your look is polished- try a pair of loose fitting black trousers, a white tee, and a newsboy cap.