I am a girl who is constantly on a fashion high. It feels so good, but every so often I hit a fashion low and that doesn't feel nice at all. My fashion low happened about 10 minutes ago when I was going through my celebrity blog rounds. That's when I saw a photo of Tara Reid looking like her trashy self wearing my shirt by SKY.

Tara Reid is the last celebrity on the planet that I would want wearing my shirt. Any other train wreck in the world is open to dress like me ... Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, heck I would even let Paris Hilton pass, but Tara Reid? Never.

Okay it's not the shirt, it's her right? SKY tops are great "boob shirts" -- they make your chest look fantastic even if it is less than perfect ,but you can't abuse the boob shirt by showing off too much. Something else you can't do is wear short shorts, strappy heels, and a fur jacket.

Tara was on her way to making a comeback but this look just set her back (way back).