Sheila's Heels - Driving HeelsHave you ever tried to drive a car wearing high heels? Tough isn't it? It's also extremely dangerous. But the days of toting around a pair of flat driving shoes may be over, ladies, because there is a new shoe in town called the Sheila Driving Heel.

The pink-and-black-patent-leather heel pictured at right was not designed by your friend Manolo Blahnik or your lover Christian Louboutin; it was created by a British company called Sheilas' Wheels that provides auto insurance for female drivers.

The Sheila Driving Heel features heels that folds into the shoe sole at the push of a button to instantly transform your stilettos into a pair of much more sensible flats. There's even a special tread on the bottom of the shoe to help your heel grip to the floor of your car.

As Autoblog reports, so far there's no word on the pricing or availability of these James Bond-like heels. My guess is that if Sheilas' Wheels is crafty enough to market women-specific auto insurance (WTF?!?), they ought to be able to move some pumps, even if they are kind of ugly.