Sure, Wilco's mainstream success means their albums are no longer treasured by hipsters and music snobs, but that doesn't mean they've suddenly stopped being one of the most awesome bands on the planet.

Besides, they make a great t-shirt.

Not only do the new "Wiilco" t-shirts on sale at the band's concerts feature a clever combination their name with Nintendo's new absurdly popular gaming platform, but it's also adorned with the band's faces, re-imaged as Miis (the little characters you create for playing games like Wii sports).

Unfortunately the shirts aren't available on the band's website, so you'll just have to check them out live to get one of your own. That said, they're a band well-worth seeing, so -- even if you're not into the t-shirt -- I highly recommend checking them out the next time they'll roll through your town.