Could butts be the latest fashion accessory? Kim Kardashian clearly thinks so. In a barely there flesh toned dress, Kim's asset looks huge massive (which was clearly the goal, so well-played).

Having Kim's "junk" block my vision makes me wonder if she will bring asses back. JLo surely did a few years back. Remember when JLo took out a million dollars worth of insurance on her backside and everyone wanted a piece? I was in college at the time and the flat-backed girls were doing all that they could to fill their jeans. Now I was in fashion school, so they weren't eating to fill them ... they were making butt pads to put inside their pants. Sounds crazy, but at the time they were actually on the market (seriously).

Kimmy here obviously had some work done because that thing just isn't natural. Do you think women will get so inspired by her curves to start filling out some jeans with booty power? I think a butt that big would be a curse, imagine how hard it would be to find pants.