Rumor has it that bras can be a little uncomfortable, meaning that -- if they thought they could get away with it -- many women would like to go braless. Awesome!

However, this liberated fashion choice presents some obvious problems. Namely, that you "walk into a cold building and bling -- all of a sudden [your] 'high beams' are on blast for the world to see." Not exactly a best case scenario if you're a woman who prides herself on being discrete.

Fortunately for all of us, the solution may be here -- "Nippies." Made by Bristols6, these look more or less like the "pasties" that burlesque troupes wear so they're not pulling Janet Jacksons every time they perform. However, they come in a variety of styles for the everyday woman -- including stars, butterflies, and just about anything else you can think of.

Says Chanel at Hip Candy: "Kept me perfectly closed in when I wore them recently with a slightly plunging neckline. And believe me, I shook and shimmied to put 'em to the test."

With any luck, you'll never have to wear a bra again.