Check out the picture at right, this is the new Lancome Magnetique nail polish. Over at Blogdorf Goodman, where I nabbed the picture from, the have the breakdown on how the polish works. Apparently the nail polish contains iron oxides, you apply the polish and then hold the nail up to a magnet that slips over the bottle. The magnet activates the iron and creates the sunburst pattern. The polish is new for fall (doesn't seem to be widely available yet) and sells for $17, which is a lot for an effect that is probably really fun the first time and then less so. More pics can also be found at All Lacquered Up. I think it's a cool idea but I can barely paint a couple of basic coats of red without messing things up so I think this is probably beyond my nail skill set. I wonder if nail salons will offer it and if they will dream up new ways to create different patterns.