Models, what a life, huh? Extremely beautiful, walk for a living, fabulous clothes, team of make-up artists, hot boyfriends, oh, and they're rich too. Remember that famous quote from Linda Evangelista back in 1990? "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." Cha ching.

Forbes magazine has put together a list of the World's top-earning models can you guess who made the top of the list? Here is a clue: dated hottie Leonardo DiCaprio, has a killer bod, models for Victoria's Secret ... oh, and she is pictured on this post. It's 26-year-old Gisele Bundchen, coming in at $33 million, making her the highest paid model in the world.

Number two will only make $9 million dollars in 2007 (wow number one makes more than three times that ... ouch). This model had more drug scandals than you can count on one hand, she's getting a little old, and dated a rock 'n' roll disaster. It's 33 year old Kate Moss. It's no $33 million, but for a 33-year-old model who was been through the ringer with the tabloids, I would say that's pretty good.

It's a good thing number three makes a good living -- she has babies to take care of. It's 34-year-old Heidi Klum raking in about $8 million dollars. Another model who didn't let her age get in the way by renewing her Victoria's Secret contract, she keeps busy with the hit show Project Runway.

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