Liza MinelliLiza (with a Z!) Minnelli recently graced the red carpet at the Hairspray premiere, bringing all of her musical theatre-y glory with her. Unfortunately, her choice of outfit was less than glorious and looked like something that should have been left backstage.

Her pants, if you can really even use that word, look like... loose pantyhose? I don't even know what call that sheer mess, honestly. All I know is that we're seeing way too much. I mean, granted, at age 61, Liza has some pretty killer pins, souvenirs from years and years of high-kicks and Fosse, but those pants would look tragic on anyone of any age. Couldn't she have worn a nice skirt instead? Some well-fitted, fully opaque trousers?

And don't think too much about where she's keeping her phone and lipstick... Your brain might explode.