Sisley is known for making some really racy ads, (to me their ads are more memorable than their clothing) but has this ad gone too far?

The Fashion Junkie campaign shows two lovely models indulging in some recreational "fashion." The "fashion" is a slinky white dress that is supposed to represent a pile of cocaine.

Snort, snort -- isn't fashion fun?

I can't say I am shocked or even horrified by this ad (the ad kinda made me chuckle) because drugs have had such an influence on our culture lately. Celebrities waltzing in and out of rehab, drug- and alcohol-induced car wrecks, top models like Kate Moss being involved in various drug scandals -- if this ad was of models snorting lines off Pete Doherty, then I would be scared.

Love or hate it, this ad still isn't selling clothes (at least not to me). I can't really tell what they have on. I can tell, however, that the one on the left has her nipple hanging out and the one on the right is is about to overdose (look at those eyes). Scary.