Many jobs come with a uniform or a dress code but the recent decision by Macy's to require all employees to wear black is not sitting well with some workers at the stores. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that a union representing a Macy's in the area has filed a grievance regarding the dress code. Macy's does not force their employees to buy Macy's clothes but they do offer a special discount for those looking to blacken their wardrobes.

Employees do have some choices. They must wear black tops and bottoms or dresses but can wear blouses, shirts and neckties of any color with a black suit. And shoes and accessories can be any color. The store always required professional attire but did not specify color before. The union representative for the Pittsburgh office of the Retail, Wholesale Department Store Union says that the dress code requires large out-of-pocket expenses for the union members.

Macy's Midwest will implement a black clothing dress code for its employees beginning Sept. 4 but other stores across the country have already implemented the rules. Macy's reports that customers find the associates easier to spot. Bloomingdale's has a similar dress code in place. There is some concern that the dress code may put off those who apply to be holiday help. The code may also limit those who are seeking to be fashionable, after all, black isn't always in fashion.