I haven't seen the new Hairspray movie -- mostly because everyone told me it was lame, and the original (which I have seen) was a work of genius. That said, you may have heard that the infamous Edna Turnblad character in the new version is played by John Travolta -- in drag -- which might be worth of the price of admission.

But what's even cooler, is that John Travolta fans (or people who really like pink sequined dresses sized to fit grown men), can now own the outfits he wore (as Edna) during the movie -- as New Line Cinema has put clothes up for auction on eBay.

Last I heard, bidding was at $1,225 -- which isn't exactly chump change -- and I'm sure it will only get higher, but if you're loaded, or just really want to own something that touched John Travolta, now is your chance! Bid bid bid!